NELLEN’s Board is comprised of representatives from schools, TAFEs, universities, and other education and training organisations, as well as trade unions; businesses and industry bodies; local, state and Commonwealth government agencies; and community members.

Joining the Board

To find out more about becoming a member of NELLEN’s board, and contributing to the development of transition supports for young people across Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires and the City of Wodonga, contact NELLEN on (02) 6056 0966 or email

Categories of Board Members

  • Category 1 – Schools
  • Category 2 – TAFE institutes and universities with TAFE sectors
  • Category 3 – Adult and Community Education organisations
  • Category 4 – Other education and training organisations including private registered training organisations, universities and group training organisations/companies
  • Category 5 – Trade unions
  • Category 6 – Employers / peak employer agencies / regional employer
  • Category 7 – Local government
  • Category 8 – Other community agencies and organisations; Commonwealth and state government departments; parent organisations; School Focused Youth; Youth Connections; Adult, Community and Further Education Regional Councils; Regional Youth Councils; Regional Development Victoria
  • Category 9 – Koorie organisations, peak Koorie agencies and regional Koorie organisations
  • Category 10 – Community members
  • Category 11 – Co-opted members

Current Board Members

Bernie Boulton

Area Executive Director
Department of Education Ovens Murray—North-East Victoria Region

Category 1

Dr Kaye Harris

Regional Engagement Coordinator
Department of Education and Training Ovens Murray – North-East Region Victoria

Category 1

Vern Hilditch

Vern Hilditch

Wodonga Senior Secondary College

Category 1

Jennifer Gordon

Manager Engagement
Wodonga TAFE

Category 2

Brett Bament

Brett Bament

Joint Logistics Unit Manager Vic/Tas

Category 6

Louise Lowe

Operations Manager
Proven Products Pty Ltd

Category 6

Michael Avery

Avery Consulting
Category 6

Mark Cottee

National Disability Coordination Officer
Wodonga TAFE—National Disability Coordination Officer Program

Category 8

Andrew Scanlan

Community Member
Category 10

John Williams

Community Member
Category 10

Simon Mullumby

Co-opted Member
Category 11

Angela Pesavento

Community Member
Category 10

Virginia Mansel Lees

North East Border Trades & Labour Council
Category 5

Matt Fagence

Community Member
Category 10