NELLEN champions speak – The challenge of adult life

NELLEN catches up with one of our young bloggers again, to hear about how he is faring with his transition to work and “adult life”.

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NELLEN champions speak – Opening new doors

It’s the beginning of a new year, and NELLEN hears from one of its young blogging champions who uses this time to look over the past year and anticipate an exciting year ahead.

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NELLEN champions speak – Transport woes

NELLEN has checked back in with one of our young blogging champions, who last time shared with us his experience of looking for work in Wodonga, as a person with a disability. In this blog, he raises an issue that is proving to be a real talking point not just in Wodonga, but in many rural and regional communities in Victoria – the difference having access to public transport or a driver’s licence, makes for young people looking for, and attending, work.

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NELLEN champions speak – ‘Much more than my disability’

NELLEN is pleased to introduce its newest young champion – a young Wodonga man who has unique experience of what it is like for young people with disabilities living and looking for work in regional areas.

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NELLEN champions speak – experiencing the barriers to education

NELLEN is excited to be sponsoring a local student to pursue her educational choices at a school in Wodonga. This 19-year-old woman and her partner have two small children, and she has just completed the first six months of her two-year Certificate III in Aged Care. She is keen to share her experience with us as a student, plotting her path towards employment in her chosen field, and will provide us with ‘snapshots’ of her journey over the next 18 months as part of NELLEN’s ‘This is where we live’ blog series.

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