Establishing a Community of Schools and Services for Wodonga

16 May 2019


Young people identified to be at risk of homelessness or disengagement from education will soon benefit from a coordinated response with funding being awarded to the Wodonga Project, a local partnership of schools, services and networks.

Based on the successful Community of Schools and Services (COSS) model, which is achieving significant outcomes for young people in Geelong and being established in several sites across Australia and internationally, the Wodonga Project will work to address social and educational disadvantage in local schools.

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Workforce Development Project launched!

14 September 2018


NE Victoria’s Year 9 students are set to step out of their classrooms
and into local farms, agribusinesses, clinics and hospitals

Following the identification of agriculture/horticulture and health care/social assistance as two of the sectors facing critical employment issues in the Hume Region Workforce Development Plan 2015–2018, the newly established Workforce Development Project seeks to change this situation by introducing Year 9 students to these industries through targeted and supported work placement, followed by School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships, and gap year employment.

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