NELLEN champions speak – The challenge of adult life

NELLEN catches up with one of our young bloggers again, to hear about how he is faring with his transition to work and “adult life”.

Lately I’ve been incredibly busy and it’s been exciting yet also incredibly exhausting. I love the challenge of adult life, (or at least I think I do as I have been living in denial for so long that I’m beginning to believe my own lie.)

I’ve spent this year attempting to juggle social commitments, university, work, health and family commitments. And if I continue to run myself this ragged I am unsure whether I will have the tenacity to see through the rest of my course, however what I’m doing is setting myself short term goals and thus far I’ve achieved most of them.

It’s pretty devastating when you miss a goal yet all I can do is continue to push yourself. I push myself to see what I can accomplish and I’ve done some things I am incredibly proud of.

Yet looking forward has always been dangerous so I’m attempting to live in the moment and manage my time as best as I can. However I’m a little disappointed in myself right now – I’ve attempted to juggle so much I don’t really feel like I’m getting the best out of anything. Yet I don’t really have an option at the moment, my parents have done so much supporting me for so long, however in April this year I will be moving out into a home that I have bought. Don’t ask me how I can afford it – that’s part of the reason I feel so exhausted at the moment!

For you to get an understanding of level of exhaustion my life is currently wake up, take medication, get ready for work, go to work and do everything and anything I can from 9am until 5pm sometimes 9am till 9pm, come home, study, briefly catch up with friends via social media, study and sleep. This at the moment is a “rinse and repeat”. I’m content with it however at times throughout the day I find myself drifting off into daydreams, where in my mind it is a magical world where I have my degree, I have my dream job and I have my family.

I haven’t been brave enough to ask others if they do the same. Sometimes I can see the same look I have on my face on the faces on students I work with yet the way I’ve been coping is setting myself short-term goals with short-term rewards. It may be a useful strategy others could implement, however if I meet all my targets I treat myself by going for a walk up the hill. The hills of Wodonga are always a beautiful retreat and right now going to places that don’t charge is an added bonus.

I went to Melbourne last week and the amount of money I spent throughout a four-day stay to see two medical specialists was jaw dropping.

I think that conservative media forgets that legislators made it a requirement to have certain level of education in order to earn a decent wage, and to afford the education you need to go in to debt to the government yet on your way throughout completing your course you are bombarded by the guilt and the weight of coming debt.

It’s exhausting yet I’m just thankful for the friendly faces I see at work and the fact that I have work at the moment. God knows it was a lot of hard work to get a job as great as the one I currently have.