NELLEN has forged strong partnerships with a host of education providers, support services and community organisations, working with these entities to facilitate projects and programs to help young people transition from dependence to independence.

NE Tracks LLEN

Operating in the local government areas of Benalla, Wangaratta and Mansfield, the NE TRACKS Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) supports young people 10-19 years of age and works with schools and other organisations to achieve higher rates of school retention and participation in education, training and employment.

NELLEN and NE TRACKS are collaborating on a three-staged investigation to develop an Agricultural Workforce Development model to strengthen secondary schools’ delivery of agricultural education. The project is focused on consultation with local stakeholders, identifying partners and the development of a replicable model of practice, which has resulted in scanning the local secondary schools’ delivery capabilities and potential, as well as sourcing national ‘best practice’ examples to provide outcome comparisons for Mansfield Secondary College’s Year 9 agriculture program.

NE Tracks LLEN

Communities That Care

Communities That Care (CTC) has been operating in Myrtleford since 2009, while Communities That Care Alpine (CTCA) is a coalition formed in May 2015 to build on the work previously undertaken by CTC Myrtleford. The aim of CTCA is to reduce problem behaviours for young people in the Alpine Shire by:

  • identifying social issues which are predictive of adverse outcomes for families and young people
  • delivering evidence-based programs and services to reduce the harmful effect of problem behaviours through a community action plan.





Wodonga Middle Years College & Platform 9 Coffee

Initiated in conjunction with Wodonga Middle Years College and Platform 9 Coffee, The Coffee Project was a 10-week program giving Year 9 students the opportunity to train in a commercial hospitality environment and gain real-world skills in this industry. The project culminated in a pop-up café, where students prepared and sold coffee to members of the public, raising money for a local charitable cause.

Platform 9

Wodonga Middle Years College



Burraja Indigenous Cultural and Environmental Discovery Centre – Gateway Health

Local school students who identify as Indigenous have had the opportunity to participate in the Burraja Cultural Program, run by the Burraja Indigenous Cultural and Environmental Discovery Centre in partnership with NELLEN. Over the past 12 months, ten different groups of students have completed the program at Burraja, resulting in the graduation of 100 students. Students have had the opportunity to develop their knowledge of Aboriginal culture, heritage and the environment. Each program ran for five to ten weeks and culminated in a graduation ceremony.

A film project supported students to tell their stories of their Burraja experience and skill development. Each student contributed to the filming process and received a copy of the film for showing to their friends, family and school community.

In addition, NELLEN’s partnerships have resulted in the partial funding of a trainee at Gateway Health, and the funding of a trainee at Murray Arts.