Adult Allies

Navigator Adult Allies initiative, managed by the North East Local Learning and Employment Network (NELLEN), in partnership with Junction Support Services and NE TRACKS, focuses on bringing together adults volunteers from participating communities, and young people who are working towards re-engaging with education.

The pilot program, supported by the Victorian Government, seeks to ensure that all young people in the community have the opportunity to get an education. The program works by linking young people with adult volunteers – ‘Adult Allies’ – so they can develop a trusting relationship built on common interests, and in which the Adult Allies can model positive community, education and employment attitudes.

The program is now seeking adult volunteers from communities across North East Victoria, inviting those who meet the following criteria to apply to participate:

  • demonstrate a positive attitude to youth engagement;
  • show an interest in developing long-term mentoring relationships with young people in the community; and
  • be able to help young people identify and work towards their goals.

Volunteers will receive ongoing support and training from NELLEN, and have the opportunity to build skills that are then easily transferrable to other activities in the youth work field.

Click here to download your application form.