Solar Car Challenge 2017

The Albury-Wodonga Solar Car Challenge began in 2003 as a means of raising awareness of, and linking students into, the local manufacturing industry. It has continued to grow in strength each year since that first race.

The challenge aims to:

  • Build strong and ongoing relationships between industry and schools
  • Promote careers in manufacturing to students and the school community as a whole.
  • Engage students in a way that the traditional education process may not be meeting. How does it work?Students and a teacher are aligned with an industry mentor and provided with basic parts/materials to design and construct a solar-powered car. The project culminates in a gala race day where all teams compete for one hour, with the team whose car has completed the most laps of the purpose built track named the winner.Each school and/or industry mentor has the opportunity to build other activities into the program, including: industry tours; career education and media/promotion.

Solar Car Challenge timeline 2017

Solar Car Challenge school team registration details form