The VET-VCE Project

The VET-VCE Project is a pilot program that provides students commencing year 10 with the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications and build connections in their communities. Active in the Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires, the aim of the program is to empower rural and remote students in the Ovens and Murray region to overcome the barriers that come with living in regional areas.

The students work towards attaining their Certificate II/III in Community Services through a blended delivery program with the Australian Institute of Flexible Learning, who provide the teaching and tutor support, and community mentors who can offer real world and workplace specific support.

Like other blended delivery models, the VET-VCE Project offers:

  • Class time
  • E-content through the Moodle online platform
  • Online discussions with students from the participating schools
  • Face to face gatherings once a term at the Wodonga TAFE

This model of blended delivery is unique as it links the students with a community mentor. This encourages the students to better understand industry practice and form networks in their area of vocational interest.

Later in the school year the students will be engaged in local work placement, helping their understanding of local workplaces and pathways that are available in their communities. The workplaces that host these students also benefit as they can showcase what their organisation has to offer local young people and create a locally sourced workforce.

The VET-VCE Pilot Program is funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training.